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[] Working on the ecore merger tool


I'm planning to put some effort on the ecore merger tool, since there
are several issues related with that tool (e.g. or the discussed
splitting of the ecore model). However, I'm feeling uncomfortable,
touching the code because there are no unit tests. So the first thing
I want to do is to write some unit tests.
Now at my company we use maven. Maven has a convention for the project
structure, where unit tests reside in special source folder called
src/test/java. Since the ecore merger tool does not stick to this
convention, I do not know where to put my unit tests. I've seen the
test bundle but I don't think that it is the right place for the ecore
merger unit tests. So where should I put the tests?

After bulding up a basic test coverage (and ATM I don't know how much
effort that will be), I'd like to try to split the code up some more.
The processor has several concerns that it has to deal with, and it
would be good to separate concerns.


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