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Re: [] Splitting up BPMN20.ecore

Hi Benedikt,
first of all welcome to the BPMN2 project.
Now about your idea: It sounds good, but ...
The Ecores in BPMN2 are generated(merged) from 2 OMG sources - CMOF and XSDs. Details can be found in my articles that are linked from our wiki. Unfortunately BPMN2.0 might have a logical layering, but physically all the semantic stuff is in one file - in both CMOF and XSD.
If we would break the ECORE not into multiple files, it would become impossible to redo the generation. So I would only do it, it we are 100% sure, that a regeneration will definitely not happen.
Besides of this technical problem, it would be a lot of work. Do you know a technical way to decide to which submodel a class would belong? They are all in the same namespace and I don't know any (meta-) attribute that would allow us the qualification.


PS: I will comment on the other question in Bugzilla soon.

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BPMN20.ecore is really huge. Why don't we split it up the way, the
BPMN meta model is split up in the spec? We would have four referenced
* Infrastructure
* Foundation
* Common Elements
* Services

What do you think?

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