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[] ItemDefinition and structureRef

Hi all,

I'm running across some problems with the bpmn2 metamodel when trying to reference informational items with an ItemDefinition. This is related to

The main issue is that structureRef is a reference to an EObject; as I understand it, for itemKind=INFORMATION the structureRef doesn't necessarily refer to any kind of data structure, nor EObject - it could be a plain String object. At some point in its history, this feature was a QName (see the links in to discussions about why this was changed) but it's been changed to EObject Reference.

Since interpretation of this feature is mostly up to the runtime anyway, does anyone see a problem with making this an Object instead of a EObject reference?

Also, the BPMN 2.0 spec states that the default value for itemKind is INFORMATION, but the model has the default as PHYSICAL - but that's a minor issue.

Robert ("Bob") Brodt
Senior Software Engineer
JBoss by Red Hat

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