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[mail-dev] contribution to jakarta mail


My name is Egor Ponomarev. I'm a Senior Software Engineer currently working on a Cloud Contact Center Solution project as a team lead of a team responsible for Mail functionality.  
We use jakarta mail library to work with IMAP and SMTP. 
Sometimes I come up with ideas about some enhancements. 

I would like to propose an improvement for code related to WriteTimeoutSocket. Currently for each session a new executor pool is created: Executors.newScheduledThreadPool(1). In my point of view it would be very convenient to be able to specify the executor somehow to not create the new one each time. 
I would like to contribute to it and implement it. What do you think about it, would it be possible?
If you need any additional details about me or any questions please let me know.

Have a good day.
Best regards,
Egor Ponomarev

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