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[mail-dev] WAS: Build failed in Jenkins: mail-master-snapshot #21

It seems that after
which removed top pom.xml jenkins is not happy.

Is there any chance to have jobs updated
to follow the change, please?


On Wed, 3 Nov 2021 at 09:56, <ci-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> See <>

>  > git checkout -f 13dee2b983944a66b9e41041d2d8354ee7a00faf # timeout=10
> Commit message: "Integrate Activation API 2.1.0, impl 1.0.0-M2"
>  > git rev-list --no-walk ea908b73f1aac1fc724606cee9e5f00fd14e13f2 # timeout=10
> Parsing POMs
> ERROR: No such file <>
> Perhaps you need to specify the correct POM file path in the project configuration?

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