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Re: [m2m-atl-dev] Using "self" in a helper without declared context

Ok, I'll go with that: I'll add a rule to the ATLWFR.atlused for EMFTVM that
will forbid "self"withincontext-less helpers.


op 29-11-13 14:27, Frédéric Jouault schreef:
> Dear Dennis,
> I agree with your analysis of the problem.
> Note that self can also technically be used instead of thisModule in
> rules when Regular VM or EMFVM.
> My preference goes to forbidding it.
> However, some transformations may rely on this "feature".
> We could remove it gracefully by first reporting a deprecation warning
> instead of an error when using old compilers.
> It can directly (i.e., without deprecation phase) be reported as an
> error with EMFTVM compiler, because no existing transformation may
> make use of this with EMFTVM compiler.
> Best regards,
> Frédéric

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