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[m2e-users] Using import maven project functionality from other Eclipse plugins

Hi all,

In our company we use a fork of the m2e plugin in our Eclipse installations. The reason for that is, that we use a custom import view within Eclipse for our huge project tree, as well as some quick buttons like "click here to import the project you'll definitely need". Both then import some maven projects in the background using the m2e plugin.
The developer that started the fork is long gone and I'm currently the maintainer of it, though I don't really know much about it. What I'd like to do, is to actually get rid of the fork and use m2e as is, because currently it makes it harder to update the Eclipse installation in the company.

What the fork does is to provide an E4 service that exposes the import project functionality from the m2e plugin (you can see the details here: Our company custom plugin then uses this service to make the mentioned quick buttons. 

So finally, my question is: Can this be somehow done with pure m2e, so I can get rid of our fork? As in: can you call the import maven project functionality from m2e from within another Eclipse plugin? The custom import view is currently also part of the fork, but I'd assume this should be able to be exported into a separate plugin instead of baking it into m2e (at least I hope, haven't tried yet and don't know that much about Eclipse plugins yet...).


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