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Re: [m2e-users] Why is a project failing to find classes that are clearly in maven dependencies?

m2e is the glue between Eclipse and Maven.

Maven does an awful lot more than Eclipse ever will, and not everything that Maven does is relevant to the Eclipse development cycle "code, compile, test".

m2e has been taught how to deal with the usual Maven lifecycles for basic Java -> Class stuff, and some of the extended Java worlds like wars/ears.

There are many Maven plugins and the m2e developers can't do all the configuration work. Additionally, not everyone uses Eclipse so you can't rely on Maven plugin authors to wire up the m2e configuration either.

When you get off the beaten path you need to delve more into the m2e documentation to get things to work. Sometimes you're completely on your own and nothing on the internet will give you clues.

You can only use the Eclipse quick fixes if you understand whether that Maven plugin should be run by Eclipse.
Set it to ignore if Eclipse shouldn't run it.
Set it to execute if Eclipse should run it.

For most users m2e just works, or they ignore it and work around issues. It's a niche product that users rarely provide improvements to the documentation. The website has been scattered and broken for years...

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