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Re: [m2e-users] Dependency of feature on Maven artifact doesn't work in m2e PDE (but Tycho works)

In that special situation you might getting better results if you do it in two steps:

1) Create a target for the maven versions you want to get from central + an category.xml file that includes the bundles
2) you can then consume this generated update-site with your other ones

Another approach would be (if the updatesites are wrecked), to simply disable the planner-mode and use the slicer. You will need to add dependencies yourself to the target but might getting better results here as you can better control what is included.

Am 20.05.21 um 17:07 schrieb Andreas Sewe:
Christoph Läubrich wrote:
PDE works slightly different when resolving targets than Tycho (here:
Tycho searches 'everywhere' to resolve dependencies, PDE only searches
other 'InstallableUnit' locations).

Can you explain why you try to resolve the svnkit from maven rather than
from the subclipse update-site (I would assume it is included there if
the feature require it?)

Sure I can explain (although it may turn into a rant ;-):

I want to build against different versions of Subclipse, ranging from
4.2.0 to 4.3.3.

Unfortunately, the version specific update sites like
<> or
<> contain only
Subclipse itself and not its downstream dependencies like SVNKit.

But at least the update sites from 4.2.x
<> and 4.3.x
<> do. So while this
does not allow me to build against the *precise* version of Subclipse, I
can at least build against some minor version range. Better than
nothing, right?

Unfortunately, the org.tmatesoft.sqljet bundle included with
<> is malformed and
causes an UnknownEnvironmentException in Tycho [1]. I reported this
upstream with the SVNKit developers but haven't heard back from them yet
[2]. (Someone else also reported this to the Subclipse developers [3])

But that is not the only problem with the update sites published by the
Subclipse project. The update site for 4.2.x
<> includes the
wrong SVNKit version:

  [ERROR]   Software being installed:
  [ERROR]   Missing requirement: requires 'org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; org.tmatesoft.svnkit
[1.8.0,1.9.0)' but it could not be found

For some reason it includes the same SVNKit version (1.10.2) as the
Subclipse 4.3.x update site.

But why get SVNKit from the Subclipse project at all? Why not go
straight to the source and get a 1.8.x SVNKit from

Turns out that the SVNKit still uses old-style update sites, so p2 and
hence Tycho cannot consume them. Again, this is something I have
reported upstream [3].

So it looks like that both the Subclipse and SVNKit projects are unable
to publish working update sites. Hence, I want to consume my SVNKit (and
SQLJet) from Maven Central.

Does this explain my situation (and frustration)?

Best wishes,


[1] <>
[3] <>

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