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Re: [m2e-users] Multi Project Dependency

M2e has a separate project classpath container for repository jars and workspace projects (Java Build Path -> Libraries -> Maven dependencies).

'Referenced projects' mechanism is meant to be modifiable by users, while m2e derives project's classpath from pom.xml. And it also cannot be used since it includes linked projects' classpath as-is, while in pom.xml one might redefine dependency versions and/or specify excludes.

2016-01-03 12:13 GMT+02:00 Sony Antony <sonyantony900@xxxxxxxxx>:
I created a root pom ( r ) with 2 modules ( M1 & M2 )
M1 depends on M2

In Eclipse Work Space I have 3 Projects - R, M1 & M2

Everything works fine.

However :
1.  I was expecting Project M1 to list M2 unde Projects ( Properties for M1->Java Build Path -> Projects )
..but found no reference to M2
Am I supposed to see a reference to M2 here ?

2. When I do source browsing ( 'Open Declaration'/F3 ) on a call to M2 method from M1, Im able to see the declaration as expected.
How is exclipse storing teh inter project references, in this case


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