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Re: [m2e-users] Support for Custom Maven Packaging Types

M2e does support custom packaging types without problems as long as the plugins used in those packaging types' lifecycles are themselves supported (either by m2e out of the box or through connectors [1]).
In fact, m2e does not even look at the pom's <packaging> value, but instead delegates execution plan calculcation to maven itself and uses the result to configure eclipse project.

From what I understand, the bugzilla entry you refer to is related to how m2e-wtp handles packaging types wrt configuring web projects. Fred should have more info on that.


2015-10-22 15:11 GMT+03:00 Nils Liebelt <nils.liebelt@xxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi all,

I am just wondering if there are plans, a prototype or a even time schedule for the support of custom packaging types by now? As far as I know the support was planned for m2e 2.0 release.

But the corresponding ticket is last modified almost a year ago:

Can somebody hint me to a workaround or better options?



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