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Re: [m2e-users] 533 MB in .plugins/org.eclipse.m2e.core/nexus directory

I would also like to point out that disk space also not cheap when using cloud based development environments.  Our corporation is using VMWare to host Developer Environments, backed by a distributed storage system.  Right now we've only been authorized for 30GB of disk space to keep all our tools & codebases.  Requesting more space is worse than passing a bill through congress.  

Anyhow, keep us corporate (desktop restricted) people in mind when making global decisions.  BTW, we are using global maven settings to define a shared m2 repo (not in the users home directory).   

> Diskspace aren't cheap on SSD laptops with no option of upgrade  :)
> I for one is happy the download is default off since when it was I had to constantly clean out test workspaces. 
> Plus the background job could take hours if not days to complete. 
> /max

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