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Re: [m2e-users] Run As Maven Build vs. Eclipse auto build

On 07/14/2015 05:22 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
You can map these mojos to run during project configuration only and/o
clean project build only. You will still need to manually trigger
configuration update or clean build to get resources regenerated, but I
think this is better than running command line build.

Thanks, that's an interesting approach which I will try soon.
Yet from looking at
it seems that this approach may not work for *all* maven plugins
(I'm looking at the requirement to use BuildContext ...).

To double check, when you discourage command line builds, do you
include m2e's "Run As ... > Maven Build ..." feature?

You are right. I never enable auto workspace refresh. It always results
in unwanted and/or poorly timed workspace builds that interfere with my
development workflow. My projects always have proper m2e lifecycle
mapping for all mojos required to work on the code, so I only need to
refresh workspace after git-pull or build on command line, which I
prefer to do manually.

And yet many users are not willing to live without auto refresh,
I think not having it was among the top ten on ihateeclipse, no? :)

I do not think this is m2e specific feature request. All other build
tool and many plain java applications may misbehave if eclipse builder
deletes and recreates classes and resources while the external process
is using them. Which means jdt-debug is a better place to implement this

When focusing on m2e launch configurations, yes, platform debug would
be the place to coordinate these things. OTOH, "most" launches do not
actively modify files in the workspace, that's particular to m2e launches.
IOW: all launches can be *affected* by concurrent build activity
(although build-before-launch prevents many of such conflicts),
but m2e launches tend to also *cause* conflicting writes.

Anyway, I'll probably just develop an in-house tweak for m2e then ...


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