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[m2e-users] Snapshot sources are not getting updated in eclipse


I just came across a bug where after deploying a snapshot version, the jar itself is getting updated but the sources do not (at least not in eclipse).

This sounds a lot like this bug:
which didn't seem to get any attention at the time, so maybe it's related.

Here's a more elaborate description of my setup and steps I took while exploring the issue:

1. On machine A - deploy Project1 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT (to nexus)
2. On machine B - use Project1 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT as dependency in some project, view sources, everything seems fine
3. On machine A - update some class in Project1, redeploy 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT (to nexus)
4. Use Project1 as dependency on new machine C - everything looks normal, sources up to date - so no issue with deployment or nexus.
5. On machine B - perform Maven Update with Force update of snapshots. Look at resolved dependencies - notice correct timestamp for snapshot. Open sources of updated class - still showing old sources.
6. Look in local maven repository on machine B - correct sources jar seems to be present, but eclipse still shows old sources.

Tried cleaning, performing maven update with force update, nothing.
Right clicking on the project/dependency and choosing Maven->Download Sources had no effect.
Eventually I manually deleted the dependency from local repository, forcing maven to re-download artifacts, and sources were also updated this way.

Using Eclipse Luna, release version of m2e (I can look up the exact version if necessary, just don't have access to said machine at the moment)

Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong?

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