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Re: [m2e-users] Comments on Bug 470138

Without understanding 100%, this sounds like it would be VERY brittle. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with the new functionality? I didn’t see that in your blog post


Also, AFAIK, maven core doesn’t support running only parts of its lifecycle, how can your patch do that? (e.g. run “package” without running “compile” first). Maybe if you explain a bit how this fits maven (nothing to do with m2e) then we can understand better, but it sounds like you are just breaking the maven lifecycle, or am I missing something? A lot of plugins and mental models assume that the lifecycle is linear, not “random-access”


BTW, all that was about running particular phases without their previous ones. The first part about listing the mojos in each phase is very useful, but I also wonder how it’s different from the current m2e functionality on “Lifecycle Mapping”.


Once I/we understand better I/we can give a more informed opinion.


Thank you,





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Hi everyone,


I am trying to gauge support for feature like



Can the community please comment on the bug. In a nutshell the idea is to be able to run selective phases (sans preceding phases) of a pom.


Thanks in advance,


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