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[m2e-users] Maven project cache size in ProjectRegistryManager


This is my first post to this group.  I was not sure if I should post to the user group or the developer group.  Since I am an user, I post this here.  If it seems more appropriate in the developer group, I will re-post it.


We have a performance issue with using m2e (version  It seems like whenever we run a program or a JUnit, lots of projects in workspace are rebuilt and stuck at 57% with the "Verifying launch attributes..." message.

I ran a separate Eclipse instance in debug mode and found there is a cache in org.eclipse.m2e.core.internal.project.registry.ProjectRegistryManager class and it seems to be used for caching dependency information of each Maven project.

However, according to the source code, the maximum size of the project cache is hard-coded to 5, which I think too small for our usage.  

Is there any way to increase this value?   Or is this value set to 5 intentionally?  


Tami Takamiya

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