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[m2e-users] maven does not recognize artifacts in local repository


as I understand, there is a central repository for maven artifacts: central ( and a local one (${user.home}/.m2/repository. What I do not understand is, why after a mvn test maven complains about artifacts that are not in local repository. The named artifacts are in local repository as I checked. And it says, that it cannot download them from central. Because these artifacts are from my own project, they are only in the local repository. Why does maven try to download them, when they are already in local repository? Is there a wrong setting? Does exist a reasonable documentation for beginners that is able to explain what is going wrong?

I am thankfully for any hint!

Regards Christian

Christian Eugster
Grissian 14
I-39010 Tisens
I:  +39 0473 420 873
CH: +41 79 107 92 27

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