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Re: [m2e-users] Eclipselink static weaving

Short answer, m2e does not directly support this usecase. Either use
load-time instrumentation (not sure if eclipselink supports it) or use
dedicated eclipse tooling (again, don't know if eclipselink provides those).

m2e assumes that output of one mojo is never overwritten by another and
bytecode instrumentation mojos break this assumption. I also don't know
how jdt builder will react when its output is modified by m2e. There is
a good chance your workspace will go into endless build if you try to
force m2e run instrumentation plugin during workspace build.


On 2015-03-08 5:39, Florian Pirchner wrote:

i am working with tycho builds for a while now. But never used

In my project i am using eclipse link with gemini JPA and i'd like to
use m2e for static bytecode weaving. There is a maven plugin, that can
do so. So during build time (jenkins) it should not be too hard to do
static weaving.

But i also want to enable static weaving during "eclipse builder jobs".
Every time a full oder incremental build is triggered, i'd like to run
the static weaving plugin automatically by m2e.

But i have no idea how to do so. Is there a description about the
m2e-lifecycle-mapping-metadata xml around? Or some samples that
demonstrate how to use m2e?

Thanks, Florian

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