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Re: [m2e-users] Workspace Resolution and parent pom

Was this solved?

On Tuesday, October 8, 2013, Julie Macnaught wrote:

We have a single parent pom for all of our projects.  The reference to the parent pom has NO relative path because I don't want to require all the developers to check out the parent pom project.  The parent pom is found from the Nexus repository we are using.  This works most of the time.

However, when building a child project, if the parent project IS checked out into in my eclipse workspace, then Workspace Resolution MUST be enabled, or I get an error saying the parent pom cannot be found.  This does not make sense. The parent project should still be found in my local .m2 repository, or fetched from Nexus.  If I remove the parent pom project from the workspace, the error goes away.  The error is shown as an error on the child project's pom.xml file.

I prefer to work with Workspace Resolution disabled, although I enable it from time to time.

J MacNaught
IBM Research

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