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[m2e-users] Stopping m2e to create non-existing source folders specified in build-helper-maven-plugin

In the parent pom of my projects I've the following
build-helper-maven-plugin setup:


so that when I do Maven -> Update project, m2e adds the src/it/java
folder to the sources of the project. That folder exists in most of
the projects using that parent pom, but for the projects that don't
have the folder, m2e will create it. I would like that folder to not
be created. Is there a way to tell eclipse/m2/build-helper plugin to
not create the source folder if does not exist? I'm using eclipse
Kepler and m2e 1.4 with build-helper connector 0.5.

When I do Maven -> Update project and untick the "Update project
configuration from pom", then the folder is not created, but I would
rather tell m2e not to create the folder instead of unticking the
option for certain projects only.

This issue is not happening using an old version of the plugin
(0.10.2) in eclipse Indigo.

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