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[m2e-users] Setting maven profile for parent project and its children


I'm working with Stratosphere (
The project has a parent pom "stratosphere" and many projects below it.

We use maven profiles to support different versions of Apache Hadoop: "hadoop-1" and "hadoop-2" (Basically to switch dependencies and sub-projects). "hadoop-1" is the default profile.

What I like to do is to enable the profile that is not enabled by default out of Eclipse.
I therefore choose the main project "Stratosphere" -> Properties -> Maven and entered "hadoop-2,!hadoop-1" I also tried "hadoop-2" only.
Nothing worked. The projects are still pulling the wrong dependencies.

How can I switch the profile in Eclipse?

I'm using the following versions:
Eclipse SDK 4.3.0.I20130605-2000 org.eclipse.sdk.ide
m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse - m2e

I hope you can help me!

Robert Metzger

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