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[m2e-users] new embedded maven runtime and other goodies

Jason and I updated m2e to use maven 3.1.1, which was officially
released just yesterday. Everything appears to work, but be sure to read
maven 3.1 release notes [1] and see if known incompatibilities affect
your projects. To make things little more interesting, we included tesla
concurrent local repository implementation in the embedded runtime so
multiple instances of m2e and (tesla) command line build don't corrupt
local repository when run concurrently.

We also replaced aging netty/async-http-client http layer we had with
new and shiny transport layer based on okhttp.

Latest m2e 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT build should include all these changes and m2e
download page [2] explains where to find it.

As usual, if you find any problems, feel free to report them either here
or in m2e bugzilla.



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