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Re: [m2e-users] Javadoc generation for Eclipse project

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> Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2013 10:47 AM
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> Subject: [m2e-users] Javadoc generation for Eclipse project
> We have a java client project built with maven and developed in Eclipse.
>   I would like to incorporate javadoc generation such that the javadocs
> would display in Eclipse on the Javadoc view.
> In other words, the javadocs are primarily of use to developers working
> on this project and not anywhere else.
> What is the easiest way to accomplish this?

You must be omitting some important information here.  With just this, this isn't an m2e question, or even a Maven question.  Open up the Javadoc view.  Put your cursor in the editor view in the block comment.  Done.

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