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Re: [m2e-users] Improved "import maven project" workflow in m2e 1.5.0

This update has reduced the working set functionality with what was there previously, you could do the same with the old version by clicking more and creating a new working set and selecting it from the drop down. Only thing this new update does it make this step automatic.

On 3 October 2013 11:24, Cristiano Gavião <cvgaviao@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I used to work on lot of projects that are spread into two or more git repositories. each git repository has its own master pom and produces its own p2 repository that is merged into a unique composite p2.

But I don't have one working set for each repository. I usually create working sets by semantic functionality (or for each epic when I'm using scrum) that I'm working on... and I import project into them all the time.



On 02/10/13 19:12, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
How often do you import multi-module projects into existing working set?
Can you describe your workflow that leads into this?


On 2013-10-02 5:53 PM, Andrew Holland wrote:
Hi Fred,

i liked the old way to choose an existing working set, wouldn't it be
better to have the old drop down with a button to create a new working set?

On 30 September 2013 15:33, Fred Bricon <fbricon@xxxxxxxxx
<mailto:fbricon@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    we've made some drastic changes in the way the "Import Maven
    projects" workflow in m2e 1.5.0 [1]. Previously, when selecting a
    directory of projects to import, m2e spent a huge amount of time
    analyzing potential lifecycle mapping errors and discover potential
    fixes from remote connectors, before you could even choose which
    specific projects to import.

    That lifecycle mapping analysis has been deferred to *after*
    projects are imported and it only checks for *actual* errors now,
    before trying to discover the world. The discovery mechanism itself
    has also been greatly optimized.

    It means the 1st page of the maven import wizard can now refresh in
    less than a couple second (usually << 1s), instead of up to several
    One caveat is it won't try to discover connectors that for plugins
    whose lifecycle is already covered. ex: the mavenarchiver plugin
    won't be proposed for download if the maven-jar-plugin has no errors.

    The lifecycle mapping discovery refactoring led to a few internal
    classes to be deleted or changed in a non backward compatible way,
    so if you built some m2e extensions over these, you might be badly
    affected. Check [2] to see the extent of the changes.

    So, please, give the latest dev build a try [3] and let's know how
    good or bad the changes are from your perspective.



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