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Re: [m2e-users] properties-maven-plugin with m2e

The other possibility is to develop an m2e extension that "wraps"
properties-maven-plugin execution during Eclipse workspace build.
Judging by the plugin description [1], it should be next to trivial to
make necessary changes at plugin level; m2e extension will be more work.



On 2013-09-09 2:38 PM, Dirk Fauth wrote:
Sorry, although I'm signed into the mailing list I didn't receive your
answer. Just saw it in the archive and hope this reply is added
correctly to the discussion.

If I understand your answer correctly, the link you posted suggests to
modify the maven plugin itself? This is the only option to make the
properties-maven-plugin work with m2e?

I'm not the developer of the plugin. Just a user. Is there no other
option? I just want to make the property that is set via that plugin
available to other plugins in m2e so the errors disappear. I didn't
wanted to contribute to a maven plugin, as I'm not familiar with that.


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