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Re: [m2e-users] Error with EAR in RAD/m2e


I compared a lot, for what that's worth. I was able to make some improvements though (or so I believe). But it is still not entirely working.

I have been able, however, to identify that JAR dependencies (of EJBs of my EAR) that are currently open in the workspace, are not available to the EAR. When I close them, and run the server, they are available to the EAR (from the local repository).

When I drill down in the Administrative Console of WAS, look at the classloader, I can in fact see that all the (closed) repository dependencies are in the classloader -- none of the JAR dependencies that are currently open in the workspace.


Thanks for further ideas already!

Sander Verhagen
[ Verhagen@xxxxxxxxxx ]

On 28-8-2013 1:18, Fred Bricon wrote:
try to compare the deployed EAR with the one generated with maven

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 10:12 AM, Sander Verhagen <verhagen@xxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:verhagen@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi group,

    I've been at this before, but still struggling. I'm importing Maven
    EAR projects in RAD 8.5.1, they're error free (Problems view) and
    worked before (pre-Maven). I drag them to server in the Servers
    view, they're started, give the following error:

    [8/28/13 0:57:06:078 PDT] 00000016 AbstractEJBRu E   WSVR0068E:
    Attempt to start EnterpriseBean
    with exception: java.lang.__NoClassDefFoundError:

    This DuplicateKeyException is in a project MYCOMPANY_EXCEPTIONS
    which is a runtime dependency of some EJB's that are dependencies of
    is in fact packed in to MYCOMPANY_EAR.ear and listed in the
    MANIFEST.MF (when built with Maven on the command-line). It is also
    referenced in org.eclipse.wst.common.__component:

    <dependent-module archiveName="MYCOMPANY___EXCEPTIONS.jar"

    Following are some POM configurations:
    EAR plugin:

    Just let me know if there's other details you want to see.
    Your help once again much appreciated!!!

    Sander Verhagen
    [ Verhagen@xxxxxxxxxx ]
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