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Re: [m2e-users] Check out as Maven Project suddenly not working

I’d start by making sure pom.xml is in the base folder of the branch you are checking out of SVN. If your SVN repo allows for http(s) browsing that’s easiest, otherwise do a cmd-line checkout of the URL and make sure it’s there.




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Hi everyone,

I’ve only been using M2E for about a month so I am sure my problem is some kind of lack of knowledge. I am using Subversive plugin in Eclipse to check out code from an SVN repository. We just created a new branch in SVN. Since we branched from an existing previous branch, this should be identical files and folder structure. For instance the pom.xml is still sitting in the root. But now when I do a “Check out as Maven Project” on this new branch, I get the error: “No Maven projects found. Do you want to create project using new project wizard? Checkout location will be copied into clipboard.”


With our old branch that was used as the basis for this new branch, the project checks out as a Maven project and builds immediately and that’s what I’d like to see on this new one.


Any ideas for troubleshooting?



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