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[m2e-users] Can't search for dependencies in "Add..." of dependencies

Platform: Intel Core i7
          Windows 7
	  Java SDK (64 bits)
          Eclipse SDK 4.2.2.M20130204-1200
          m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse

If I put in GroupId, ArtifactId, and version for a new artifact, and
save the pom.xml, the dependency and its dependencies are downloaded.

However typing anything into Search doesn't find anything.

Has anyone seen this, or know how to resolve this?

This seems very similar to the problem in this StackOverflow thread:

I tried following the steps in the answer
but they didn't make things work.

When setting "Full Index Enabled", in the steps in the stackoverflow
answer, a dialog with the following text popped up:
 Error Setting Index Details

 Unable to set the index details due to the following error:
 read past EOF

I searched for "m2e read past EOF" and found this thread:

I stopped eclipse, deleted the .m2/repository/.cache/m2e/ directory, and
restarted eclipse, as indicated in the thread.  But this didn't make
search work.  Also the m2e directory wasn't regenerated.

I tried repeating the steps and putting in an empty m2e directory, but
it wasn't filled with any content.

I can't find any file or directory called
.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.m2e.logback.configuration (as indicated
in the thread), nor do the .metadata/.log file have any interesting
m2e related messages.

If I try to rebuild the index by right-clicking on Central, "Rebuilding
Indexes" in the progress view disappears immediately after I have
clicked "OK" in the dialog that ask me
 Are you sure you want to rebuild the index ''


- Steinar

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