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[m2e-users] Help with m2e to view maven repository


I am using the m2e plugin on Eclipse Juno (Java 1.6.0) in an existing project. My company has a centralized maven repository which requires user name/password. I did encrypting the password based on the recommendation on the maven website.

When I run maven on the command line to build the project, everything is working fine. However, the problem happens in Eclipse. I imported the project into Eclipse, and every time Eclipse would complain that some common jar files like Spring jar files are missing. I went to the view "Maven Repository" and could see my company's repository under "Global Repository" section, but I could not expand the repository to see what artifacts are there. I tried to rebuild the index for the repository but nothing worked. I checked the logs inside Eclipse but could not find anything wrong. Does someone have any idea about the issue or where I could look to resolve it?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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