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[m2e-users] After STS 3.3.0 (Kepler), getting two different very annoying exceptions when opening any file in two particular Maven projects

A few days ago I installed STS 3.3.0, which uses Kepler as the base.

Most of the projects I browse are Ant projects, but two particular ones that I spend a lot of time on are Maven projects.

My initial testing of STS 3.3.0 is ok in general, except for a problem with keyboard shortcuts that I see throughout, but I'm seeing particular problems with my two Maven projects.  I don't see anything obviously related to m2e in the stack trace for either problem (I get a different problem in each of the two projects), but as these are Maven projects, I wondered whether anyone has any ideas about this.

In one project, which is a Java project, I get the following in an error dialog when I open or switch the editor view to any file in that project:

"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Path must include project and resource name: /"

Outside of the stack trace, which doesn't tell me much, it gives me no additional information on what path this is referring to.

I filed <> for this problem.

On the other project, which is a pure web project with no Java source, I get the following error when I open or switch the editor view to any file in that project:

"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/jpt/common/utility/internal/AsynchronousCommandExecutor"

The stacktrace is even more confusing, as it appears to be in the JPA space.

I filed <> for this problem.

Again, the only reason I'm asking this here is that these are Maven projects, and I'm not seeing these symptoms with other non-Maven projects.

Any useful ideas would be appreciated.

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