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Re: [m2e-users] M2E: generating wrong path

No, I'm not, I'm just running the m2e install context menu.

I know I can make a specific run config, I thought that it could work without it.

Le 17 juil. 2013 à 23:22, Matthew Piggott <mpiggott@xxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

If memory serves Eclipse doesn't pass environment variables through -

I'm guessing you're using one of the Run as Maven options?  If so you can specify environment variables in the launch config.

On 17 July 2013 16:49, Charlie Mordant <cmordant1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm using my mac maven installation with m2e, and notice a little differences echoing env.PATH variable (with maven exec plugin):

With raw console maven: /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/git/bin:/Users/charliemordant/Documents/apache-maven-3.0.5/bin

With m2e: /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

It forbids me to use advanced exec config ( launching bower which requires node binary in /usr/local/bin for example).

Thank you in advance


Charlie Mordant

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