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Re: [m2e-users] launch configs of maven modules show up n-times

I asked this same question a while ago

The problem is indeed the nested projects and the way eclipse imports
projects by creating duplicates of all the resources

You can enable the experimental "hide nexted modules" feature in the maven
config like Matthew suggests or you can create a manual filter for the
resources as well.

My solution was simpler, i just moved the launchers to the root project to
a folder that doesn't get aggregated

Alejandro Endo | Software Designer/Concepteur de logiciels

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Date:	2013-07-17 08:46 AM
Subject:	[m2e-users] launch configs of maven modules show up n-times
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I have a maven project A with a submodule B. Both of them are open projects
in eclipse. When I place an eclipse launch configuration (java launch
config) in submodule B it shows up twice in my launch configuration.
Creating a sub-submodule C and placing a launch config there makes it show
up thrice.

Is this likely to be a maven module / m2e issue and if so, how can I work
around / fix this?


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