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[m2e-users] My <packaging>jar</packaging> project won't generate a jar under Kepler/m2e 1.4

I have an eclipse project / Maven module (I'll call it "jsclient") with jar packaging for my web application's client _javascript_.
My "webapp" project/module (war packaging) has "jsclient" as a dependency, such that jsclient-{version}.jar is served from the application server's WEB-INF/lib directory.  That is until upgrading to Kepler/m2e 1.4
The jsclient-{version}.jar does appear in the magical fakerepo folder, but has 0 bytes.
Being a _javascript_ project, I have nothing in src/main/java.  I set my <outputDirectory> to ${}/jar and have an empty <resources></resources> -- I populate the jar directory using a combination of maven-dependency-plugin and exec-maven-plugin, which I have configured in <pluginManagement><lifecycleMappingMetadata>
This of course works from the mvn command line and worked in the previous version of m2e.
I don't know whether these other symptoms are related:
  - In my project's properties dialog I see the error
    "The currently displayed page contains invalid values."
    when navigating to the Deployment Assembly section
  - The target folder of my jsclient project is often hidden from my Navigator View - this is the first time I've ever seen the Navigator View not show me everything.
Thanks in advance for any troubleshooting advice.  I'm happy to privately email my full POM.
Chris Ingham

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