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Re: [m2e-users] m2e-wtp, handling JUnit tests the "right" way?


adding to this:

Am 03.07.2013 22:14, schrieb Kristian Rink:
- Overally, if I finally manage to run a JUnit test this way, it almost
for sure will be the code that used to be in there during the last "mvn
package" run... Sometimes, after that, the test will run.

Right now, this is the very behaviour: Unit test can be run from within the IDE, but no matter how often I change the Test source file, the code executed while doing "Run as -> JUnit test" (or right-click -> "Run" on the test case in the "JUnit" view) always will be the state of the code of the last full project build. So in the end I can introduce errors in either tests or implementations as many as I want - the tests will always end up "green" unless I (manually) rebuild the whole thing. Not really a fun way to work. Ain't there _any_ way to improve this?

TIA and all the best,

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