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[m2e-users] import project from git workflow

I am not sure whether this is an m2e issue or another component's so let me
know if I need to ask somewhere else

I am trying to import a github repo into eclipse. Ideally i would like to
do everything in a single wizard which 1) clones the remote repo locally,
2) generates the eclipse metadata 3) imports the project and leaves it
ready to commit. This is exactly the current workflow with SVN and CVS
using "Checkout Maven project from SCM": in one wizard you end up with a
compilable/runnable/commitable project in your workspace

Given that git is distributed, I think it's acceptable (not ideal) to have
two steps (wizards), one where you only clone the repo, and another where
you maven-import the projects in it. However even this doesn't currently
work. From the git repositories view (or perspective) I can right click on
the local clone and select "Import maven project". This scans my maven
structure and lets me select which projects to import. This imports the
project quasi-correctly: i can compile and run, however, i cannot commit.
My eclipse project is not linked to the local repo even though i started
the whole import by right clicking on it. Is this a bug? if I import from a
repo i obviously want to commit to that same repo. Am I doing it wrong? is
it m2e the one that handles these imports from a git repo?

 i know i can do "team/share project" but my point is that the fact you
need to do this looks like a bug to me.

What do you guys think? if someone agrees I will open a ticket for it if
there's not one already

Alejandro Endo | Software Designer/Concepteur de logiciels


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