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[m2e-users] .war project not copying .jar project dependency to WAS tmp folder



I have a bizarre situation that I can’t wrap my head around.


I have 4 projects that comprise a multi-module project: a parent pom, an ear, a war, and a jar.  The problem is with the jar project.


The jar project is listed as a dependency in my war’s pom.  The jar is listed correctly.  It shows up under “Resolved Dependencies” within the “Dependency Hierarchy” tab.  The bizarre part is when I publish the ear project to my WAS 6.1 test server within the IDE.  During application bootstrap/initialization, all 3rd-party .jar’s on the classpath are loaded as indicated by the console.  I get 1 error.  That 1 error indicates that the a class listed in the jar project could not be found.


I located the tmp folder where the published application resides:



My war project is listed in this tmp folder.  If I navigate down to the war project’s WEB-INF/lib folder, I find all the 3rd-party jar dependencies listed except for my jar project.  My jar project’s artifact should be in here.


If I build the project using “Run As… à Maven install” or build the project using Maven itself, the jar project’s artifact .jar is sitting inside the .war artifact upon inspection of my local repo.


As an experiment, I copied the missing .jar project artifact into the tmp folder and restarted WAS.   Sure enough, the app initialized just fine without any ClassNotFoundException’s complaining about any classes from the jar project.


The jar project is listed in my war’s org.eclipse.wst.common.component:

<dependent-module archiveName="AppJar-2.0.0-Final.jar" deploy-path="/WEB-INF/lib" handle="module:/resource/AppJar/AppJar">




My war’s pom lists the jar project dependency as such:









Do I have something wrong with the configuration?  Is this a bug?




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