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Re: [m2e-users] Having problems with M2Eclipse lately

Open bug reports, provide small standalone examples that demontsrate the
problem, ideally provide patches that fix the problems. We really can't
help unless you tell us about the problems and work with us on the fix.


On 12-07-25 7:22 AM, Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
I too am getting more and more frustrated with M2Eclipse. A missing
"Maven Dependencies" library is just the usual case lately and there
is no easy way to get it back, apart from "Update Project", which
rarely works as expected and never leaves a useful error message.


On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 12:14 AM, Keith Barlow <kbarlow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I recently had to reinstall my eclipse instance (last week) and since then
have been having a lot of problems with M2Eclipse.  For starters, when I
checkout a multi-module project using any of the SCM handlers (confirmed
both in Subclipse and Subversive on both Juno and Indigo), only the parent
project is showing up in eclipse as shared.  The child projects are not.
2ndly, projects are not getting configured as Faceted projects.  I seem to
have to do that manually now.  That is not such a big deal but the last part
of the problem is that the maven dependencies no longer seem to be showing
up as the Maven Dependency library like they used to...  I have to run
eclipse:eclipse to get the project to recognize maven dependencies (which is
supposed to be alternative to m2eclipse... not conjunctive).  I have found
this to be the case even if I checkout the project via svn on the command
line and then use the Import... -> Existing Maven Projects...  I should not
that doing this, I have an external maven instance configured.  If I used
the embedded maven instance, I get effectively the same result as running

As I said, I seem to be witnessing this behavior in both Juno and Indigo and
only as of recently.  I installed Maven Integration for Eclipse via the
Eclipse Marketplace and am using Subclipse as my SVN handler (v 1.8 also
installed from the Eclipse Marketplace).  I have been using the
m2eclipse-subclipse version of the Maven SCM Handler for Subclipse - the
version posted by Mark Phippard in response to Sonatype's abandonment of the
project. (

Has anyone else been witnessing such behavior lately?  Is there anything I
can do to get things back on track?



Keith Barlow

Software Engineer
Dell Boomi

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