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Re: [m2e-users] Cannot get m2e to show up after installing into Indigo SR2

Anything interesting in .metadata/.log? Can you attach your eclipse configuration? Both m2e 1.0 and 1.1 are expected to work with Indigo.
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Mark Streit <mcs130@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Since the forum was closed, I understand that this is the mailing list
>be used for questions.  I am hoping this is a simple question.
>1) I am running Eclipse Indigo SR2 which is all up to date for the
>core and Subclipse.  (Eclipse for JEE Developers was the package
>2) Running Win 7 / 32 bit
>3) Using the "Install new software" option, I define a site using the
>following value:
>4) It finds the m2e component, I successfully install the plug-in, and
>after clicking the Installation Details button on the About Eclipse
>dialog... I see this in my list.  So far so good.... so I thought.
>*  m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse
> - m2e*
>I restart the workbench ... however, there is no evidence in the IDE
>this plug-in is even there.  Clicking *Preferences *- there is no Maven
>entry to configure as I would have expected.  I have googled and found
>number of links that point to "converting project to Maven" or manually
>messing with .launch files.  However, none of these seem applicable -
>are no enabled Maven options showing up on any menus.
>Any suggestion would be appreciated.  Installed Juno - the m2e
>OK, but there were numerous other issues we found with Juno that caused
>to drop and revert back to Indigo for now.  Simple things like "Reset
>Perspective..." sent the Juno installation into a mess - the IDE
>with Views misplaced - wide gaps between the views, Ant Editor and JS
>Editors that would pop up exception dialogs, etc.  Juno is NOT an
>for us now.
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