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[m2e-users] Eclipse Juno how to get Subversion to check out maven projects

So once again eclipse has released a new version. So once again I am trying to figure out how to integrate maven and subversion so I can check out my maven projects in svn as maven projects. This seems to change every time eclipse releases a new version and it is beyond frustrating. So I do the usual stuff get svn plugin installed, and get the m2e plugin installed. Then I go looking for how to integrate the two together so I can get that all so useful choice of checking out code as a maven project.  Well when I go to import the m2e connector  from the m2e connectors I see nothing. So I try the subversion check out as, and select maven project. This does not work either it asks me for maven  project information for a pom, but I already have a pom in the project I am checking out. How do I get back to the functionality that I so miss.  A little help could go a long way.






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