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Re: [m2e-users] [m2e-wtp] WAR classes dependency is missing

I'm currently using attached classes and no overlay, as I don't want
the web resources from the dependent project to appear in the using

So I'll try the m2.profile approach, and if that fails, I'll factor
out the common classes to a separate project.

m2e not supporting classifiers with workspace resolution: is that an
inherent restriction of Eclipse, or worth a feature request for


2012/6/14 Fred Bricon <fbricon@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Are you using war overlays or just expect the war classes, packaged as a
> jar, to be deployed in the other war's web-inf/lib?
> First case *should* work, 2nd case  (using the <attachClasses> and
>  <classifier>classes</classifier> combo) is not supported due to m2e not
> supporting classifiers when workspace resolution is active.
> might
> help getting the classpath working in the workspace but not during
> deployment.
> Your best solution would be to move the "common" classes to a separate maven
> module, with jar packaging, referenced by both wars.
> If you can't do that, you can still disable workspace resolution (right
> click on project Maven -> Disable Workspace Resolution), but then, you'll
> have to install your war dependency to your local repo whenever you modify
> its classes.

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