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[m2e-users] Compiler madness!

Greetings all,

We're trying to create a maven build for projects which build fine in eclipse and we're running into trouble.  Here's what we're seeing:

1) The standard JDK 7u3 compiler (and 6u31) do not handle some number of cases (which we apparently use a lot) of parameterized type inference.  Inside eclipse indigo, these compile fine, but the default compilation settings from maven do not handle them.

2) The latest plexus-compiler-eclipse gacks with an NPE in getTypeOrPackage - no information on how to resolve in our code.  It appears to be a bit stale vis a vis the latest indigo jdt version - so that may be the issue. 

Is there any hope of creating a maven build that mimics the eclipse compiler behavior?


peter m. murray

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