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[m2e-users] 回覆︰ 回覆︰ one parent with 2 children

yes, I have not added the core and webapp project to svn as the parent project already encloses it. and in the parent project, I can drill down to core and then the subpackage of core, and it is in svn. So do you mean I also need share the webapp and core in svn? if this is the case, then svn server will have 2 copy of core and webapps (one enclose in parent, one self existing after import to m2eclipse)???
if there is some screen layout, it is better to discuss, or is there any web resources about this problem?

寄件人︰ Craig Foote <craigfoote@xxxxxxxxx>
收件人︰ tong123123 <tong123123@xxxxxxxxxxxx>; Maven Integration for Eclipse users mailing list <m2e-users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
傳送日期︰ 2012年06月2日 (週六) 12:23 AM
主題︰ Re: [m2e-users] 回覆︰ one parent with 2 children

But, as Matthew pointed out, only the parent project seems to have been added to source; the core and webapp aren't suffixed with their SVN location in the Package Explorer. And I don't see your pom files in Windows Explorer for some reason. Again, we have a modules block in our parent structure that lists the chid projects. The parent was shared (as a folder with a pom) then the two projects were shared as subfolders beneath it. Then when we check out the trunk using "Check Out As Maven Project" we get a "root" project in Package Explorer for the parent and another one each for the actual projects. Then if we drill down through the parent, as we rarely do, we do see the hierarchy - which we use mostly for our build process. Sorry not sure what you're missing exactly :(


On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 4:25 AM, tong123123 <tong123123@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The problem is in window explorer, the project sturcture is the two child are directly under the parent (as in m2eclipse3.png).
but after imported with m2eclipse, the structure become one parent with two child, and then the two child has its own project itself!! (as in m2eclipse2.png)
I use "team > shared" to put the parent and two child in svn, but the magic created child own to handle it?
For clear, I attach the parent(viewer.project) and the two child(core, webapp) eclipse .poject file also.

寄件人︰ Matthew Piggott <mpiggott@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
收件人︰ Maven Integration for Eclipse users mailing list <m2e-users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
傳送日期︰ 2012年05月29日 (週二) 9:24 PM
主題︰ Re: [m2e-users] one parent with 2 children

Looking at your image the two child projects aren't shared with SVN.

On 29 May 2012 07:17, Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The three workspace projects are mapped to the same directory tree on
the filesystem. Use parent project to commit changes to svn, this will
commit changes to module projects too.


On 12-05-29 6:08 AM, tong123123 wrote:
as the attached image shown, in m2eclipse, if I have one parent project
and two child projects, when import to m2eclipse, the layout becomes
three project, one is

the second is

the third is

and if I change child1 in second project, it will synchronize with the
child1 in parent project.
But now I have svn commit parent and two childs project, so the first
has svn symbol for change and can check check from repository, but the
second and third project cannot!!

how to handle this case?

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