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Re: [m2e-users] m2e: Download Sources & JavaDocs ignores {maven.home}/conf/settings.xml

Are you able to reproduce the problem without Artifactory, using local
file:// repository for example? If so, please open a bug report and
provide an example project(s) and exact steps to reproduce the problem.


On 12-05-25 2:06 PM, Matt DeBoer wrote:
Hi All,
I'm running on eclipse Indigo (3.7) with the 1.1 release of m2eclipse,
and I'm noticing that when I right-click on a project to Download
Sources (or JavaDocs) for an artifact which has been deployed to a
remote repository other than maven central (our local Artifactory
instance), I notice 2 things:
1. No source or javadoc found
2. the file for the particular artifact looks
like this:
#Fri May 25 10:20:35 PDT 2012

Additionally, my maven settings file has "central" configured to resolve
to our local Artifactory instance, and my Maven Installations is not
configured to use the embedded, but instead a local installation of the
3.0.3 release.
Also, I can see both the "-javadoc" and the "-sources" jars for the
particular artifact in question within my local Artifactory.
The maven build for that artifact contains the following plugin
definitions, which appear to be working correctly given the artifacts
being uploaded to Artifactory.
<!-- Generate a source jar for the project -->
<!-- Generate a JavaDoc jar for the project -->

The download sources feature /does /work correctly, but /only /for
dependencies which are resolvable from maven central (it seems like m2e
is ignoring my maven settings for this..)

I do not have a settings.xml file in my user folder, but instead, I have
overridden the default settings.xml in the /conf directory of the maven
(we generally do this as a way to distribute maven bundle for use within
the org)

I also noticed that if I copy this settings.xml to my user directory,
and delete the file for the artifact, the
download is successful.

So my conclusion is that m2eclipse is not following the normal maven
settings resolution order (at least for this feature); as I believe it
should first check {user.home}/.m2/settings.xml,
then, {maven.home}/conf/settings.xml, and then, whatever defaults it may
have of it's own.
Is this assumption incorrect? Is this the expected behavior?

Any help is appreciated; thanks.

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