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Re: [m2e-users] juno RC1 with m2e 1.1 freezes when requesting content assist for dependency version


I've waited for the threads to come green and eclipse come back from dead... It took about 20 minutes!

But another strange fact is that after the index have finished the assist content only shows me this: #PCDATA, CDATA section, # comment, XSL processing instruction...

it isn't showing any version in any dependency version...

So I've restart the ide and when it come back, m2e starts to download the index from 0% again, as it haven't done before.

On 21/05/12 21:23, Cristiano Gavião wrote:
Hi Igor,

I could reproduce the issue and this time I took a thread dump using jvisualvm (attached).

let me know if you need anything more...



On 21/05/12 20:34, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
Next time this happens, can you take jvm thread dump and post it here?
Most likely m2e was waiting for background index download to finish,
which can take very long time (15, 20 minutes or longer, depending on
you geo location). This is a known problem, but I want to confirm this
is not something else.


On 12-05-21 6:57 PM, Cristiano Gavião wrote:
Today I was trying the 1.1 version of m2e in a Juno RC1 in a mac os.

I've opened one pom to change some dependencies versions. In a
determined bundle when I've requested a content assist (ctr-space) to
know the versions available it, eclipse just got in a "not responding"

I had to "force quit" it to be able to enter in the workspace again.

one thing that could be related is that m2e was sync the index when I
crt-space at dependency version.

Anyone have faced such problem ?


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