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Re: [m2e-users] Any way to share the repository index between workspaces?

I know I said this before, but with all but the most expensive SSDs cost
<2 $$/GB [1], is this really worth the effort?



On 12-04-25 12:39 PM, Rafał Krzewski wrote:
See here for a discussion of Lucene index sharing:

In theory it should be possible to share an index among multiple
appplications running in separate JVMs, as long as only one would modify
it at any given time. Lucene has no problem with reading and updating an
index concurrently. The changes become visible to the readers in
transactional fashion. This happens for readers + writers running in the
same JVM but AFAIK the atomic update behavior is achieved using
filesystem level mechanism so it should work equally well across JVM

The main problem I see here is maintaining the exclusive write lock.
Again, a filesystem level lock would be necessary, and lock breaking /
stealing mechanism would be necessary to unwedge updates after the
writer process crashes / is killed etc.

Another potential solution is delegating index maintenance and search to
an external deamon - it could be Solr (or possibly Nexus?) instance
running on the developer's machine or somewhere in the LAN (even more
storage / bandwidth savings!)


On 04/25/2012 06:14 PM, Cèsar Ordiñana wrote:
El 25/04/12 17:02, Igor Fedorenko escribió:
No, not currently possible but we welcome quality patches.

Note that we had troubles sharing lucene indexes (this is what m2e uses
internally) among multiple processes in the patch, so I don't know if it
is even possible to reliably share repository indexes among multiple

Also note that m2e keeps at least three copies of each repository index.
The original .gz files downloaded from remote repositories. A shared
lucene instance used to optimize time spent processing gz files. And
per-workspace lucene indexes. The first two are stored under local
repository .cache/m2e directory, the last one is per-workspace.

Ok, I see its not an easy problem to solve.

As I'm on linux, I was thinking as a quick hack to try using symbolic
links from all the workspaces to one with the real indexes, but from
your information I think that would be a really bad idea.

Thanks for you quick answer Igor!


On 12-04-25 8:27 AM, Cèsar Ordiñana wrote:

I'm working with many related projects, having each one on its own
eclipse workspace. On each of those workspaces, the m2e plugin
the maven repository index into the
".metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.m2e.core/nexus" workspace folder.

The index files takes around 260Mb of disc space. This is becoming a
real problem for me, as having near 20 workspaces takes around 5Gb of
disc space for all the (repeated) indexes.

Is there any way to configure where the index is stored?

This way it could be configured on each workspace to use a common
as it is really always the same index file, saving a lot of disc space,
and also unneeded connections to the main repository server.

The eclipse version I'm using currently is:

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
Version: Indigo Service Release 2
Build id: 20120216-1857

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