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[m2e-users] maven-dependency-plugin and m2e (but I know about lifecycle mapping)

Currently I have Eclipse Indigo and m2e installed.

Our build does a lot of dependency unpacking to get EJB container testing working properly. Many javax.ejb.EJBContainer implementations (or at least two of them :-)) require that all classes be present in a single classpath location.

When I have artifact resolution from the workspace turned on, it looks like m2e starts doing some black magic under the covers to trick Maven into thinking that dependencies are coming from other projects' target/classes and target/test-classes directories.

The maven dependency plugin, which I have successfully lifecycle mapped to run during incremental builds (because it is needed for successful unit tests), now attempts to copy and unpack dependencies from these directories and fails (of course), since the maven-dependency-plugin normally expects to be copying and unpacking from archives of some kind. That is, it appears that it expects jar files (understandably).

Is there some additional bit of m2e black magic I can have some control over that could fake the maven-dependency-plugin out in some way so that it could successfully copy from those directories?