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Re: [m2e-users] m2e memory usage

If memory usage increases over time, this means you likely have a memory
leak and your Eclipse will run out of memory sooner or later. I'd
investigate this with a profiler first.

I think m2e memory footprint can be optimized at the expanse of some
performance loss. If you submit a quality patch backed by reasonably
detailed analysis of before and after memory consumption and performance
implications, I'd be willing to review it. But, quite frankly, 1G for an
eclipse instance does not look terribly huge amount for RAM, given that
8G kit can be had for <50 bucks now.


On 12-02-17 5:28 AM, BjÃrn Weinbrenner wrote:
Igor Fedorenko<igor<at>  ifedorenko.com>  writes:

What m2e version do you use and how many workspace projects do you have?

m2e 1.0 needs about 2M for each workspace project, so 500M seems like
too much. I'd recommend using a profiler to see what uses all that memory.


On 11-07-27 10:16 AM, Konrad Garus wrote:
I've been using m2e for a while and constantly fought problems with
memory. I decided to measure it and discovered that without m2e
Eclipse for my workspace needs about 500 MB, while with m2e it's
_twice_ as much. That's only after opening the workspace, before I
change any files or compile!

What can I do to decrease memory impact of m2e? I don't care about
anything but build path&   dependency management.


If you are right and each eclipse m2e project needs 2MB I may have a problem.
Actually we have 167 (!) projects in the workspace. With mvn eclipse:eclipse
this is ok, eclipse needs about 450-500 MB (I looked up the usage with the MS
Windows Taskmanager). With m2e eclipse uses more than 730 MB. In both cases the
usage increases while working, thus with m2e eclipse needs something more than 1
GB which is too much for our environment (local XP workstation with jboss, db
tool, browser etc.).
Does it mean that m2e isn't recommended for such a big amount of projects?
Best regards

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