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Re: [m2e-users] [m2e-dev] m2e Connectors and dependence on plugin

You can ask questions about IDE support for maven-bundle-plugin and
Tycho on m2e-users mailing list.

As for documentation... I not really sure what to document there. You
just need m2e 1.1M3, maven-bundle-plugin 2.3.6 and PDE 3.8M3+, but
otherwise it just works without any special configuration or anything
special really.


On 11-11-29 2:20 PM, Rafał Krzewski wrote:
I was looking into web application development using OSGi tools (Eclipse
Virgo, Gemini, Libra etc) and m-b-p / Tycho / PDE integration is very
relevant in this context.
Is this documented somewhere? Which list / forum is appropriate place to
ask questions about it?


On 11/29/2011 03:36 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
FYI, that repository is obsolete now, I just could not figure out how to
remove it yet (guess need to bug the webmaster again).

Current m2e-maven-runtime sources can be found at [1]. It uses the same
basic idea, only relies on soon-to-be-released maven-bundle-plugin 2.3.6
and PDE 3.8M3 to provide even smoother interoperability between Tycho
and maven-bundle-plugin projects -- m-b-p projects are now represented
as plain Maven projects in workspace, sources lookup, workspace
dependency resolution and all other m2e features work for these projects
without any restrictions or limitations.



On 11-11-29 3:10 AM, Rafał Krzewski wrote:
You can package the plugins jar inside your plugin's bundle, and have it
available in your local classpath. You declare a POM dependency and then
have bnd, wrapped by Apache Felix maven-bundle-plugin generate an
appropriate MANIFEST.MF for you. It's really cool.
Look at what m2e team is doing this with maven runtime:


On 11/29/2011 08:10 AM, Pino Silvaggio wrote:
I am writing a truezip connector.

Suppose I need to access the values under files, fileSet, fileSets.

These are structures that I need to figure out if I need to run
the build. For example, if the sources are external to the workspace
I won't run the build on incremental. Else, i'll do the same scan
to recognize changes... At least this is what I am thinking at this

My question is how do I get access to these classes (files, fileSet
and fileSets) ???

Even though this is a question of my specific case, how would you
access the plugin classes from a connector when needed?

Using pom deps don't work (ignored, of course, osgi...)
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