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Re: [m2e-users] Webby updated

Hi Benjamin,

Those changes are all great, but I'm having a problem to run my applications now! I also can't rollback to 0.1.0 because it's not available in the update site anymore...

Here's what I was able to determine so far:

0.1.0 used to generate <Context> tag in /target/m2e-webby/container/conf/server.xml, with embedded <Loader> tag using VirtualWebappClassloader serving classes from Eclipse workspace.

0.2.0 does not generate this tag anymore. It deploys the /target/m2e-webby/war to /target/m2e-webby/container/webapps directory - everything except WEB-INF/lib and WEB-INF/classes gets copied over there. There seems to be no replacement for server.xm/<Context>/<Loader>/VirtualClassLoader. The result - tomcat is serving static content, but servlets are not available.

Oh BTW - this might be relevant: I'm using external (installed) Tomcat. I'm guessing that you might have done your testing with embedded Jetty and that's why the problem I'm having went under your radar. I suspect that change in behavior could be result from Cargo upgrade, but I couldn't see that in the recent commits...

Of course I might be missing something on my side - if there is anything I should check / fix in my setup please let me know.


On 11/26/2011 08:39 PM, Benjamin Bentmann wrote:

just fyi, I pushed a new version of Webby [0] to its update site [1].

The few changes since the last update are:
- Updated embedded Jetty container to 7.5.4
- Added support for Jetty 8.x
- Splitted update site into several features for core functionality and optional embedded containers
- Made Webby installable next to m2e 1.1
- Allowed use of variables in home path of installed containers


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