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Re: [m2e-users] lifecycle-mapping for lesscss-maven-plugin

Does lesscss-maven-plugin use plexus-build-api to communicate changes
to/from the workspace? If not, you almost certainly do not want to run
lesscss-maven-plugin during incremental build. It will cause significant
build performance issues (the plugin will be executed on all resource
changes) and may will like cause endless builds too.


On 11-11-28 8:02 AM, Alexis Lee wrote:
Hello list,

I’m trying to get the lesscss-maven-plugin to run on incremental build.
I experimented with modifying the plugin but hit some snags; also this
requires m2e 1.1 which is not yet released. I understand I can get a
similar effect with m2e 1.0 by adding config to my project’s pom.xml,
which I have done:



























Unfortunately this does not seem to work. Here’s the plugin
configuration I’m using:














<!-- No m2e connector for _lesscss_ yet, working around by writing to
source _dir_ -->

<!-- Changes to .less won't be seen until after a _maven_ build -->







Please could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,


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